Eagles Mere Country Club
Fitness Center Rules

1) The fitness center is open daily from 5:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
2) The facility is available to all Eagles Mere Country Club Full members and to any Social, Seasonal, Temporary and Trial members who have elected to join the fitness center and have paid the appropriate dues.
3) The fitness center is available to members age 16 & older. Members aged 12 through 15 may use the facility if accompanied by their member parent.
4) Appropriate workout attire, including shirt and shoes is to be worn at all times.
5) Wipe down equipment after use.
6) Do not use equipment if unfamiliar with its intended purpose.
7) If other members are waiting, please limit use of a particular piece of equipment to no longer than 30 minutes.
8) If while exercising, you feel faint or dizzy, stop immediately.
9) Never begin an exercise program without consulting your physician.
10) Family guests may use the fitness center when in the company of the member. No other guests are allowed. No family guest will be allowed to utilize the Fitness Center more than four times in a calendar year. A $10 guest fee will be charged to the member’s account. Guest sign-in will be on the honor system.
11) Payment of any fees associated with auxiliary classes held at the fitness center will be the sole responsibility of the member.
12) Signed Liability waiver must be on file for all members of the Fitness Center.
13) In case of an Emergency call 911 and/or 570-525-3475.