Rules and Regulations
The Eagles Mere Country Club is a private club operated for the enjoyment of its members and guests. All members and their guests shall be governed by the Club’s rules and regulations.

I. Membership – Steve Wilds, Committee Chair
There are seven (7) classes of membership. Except for Class VI-Seasonal Membership, all memberships are “Family Memberships” with privileges extended to the member’s spouse or ‘significant other’, and unmarried children under the age of 23. Grandchildren and great grandchildren age 17 and under are permitted to participate in our junior golf program. Only Class I Members shall be entitled to purchase club stock and vote in club matters.
An individual or family may apply to be a Provisional Social Member or a Provisional Full/Golfing Member. A member joining under this classification shall be entitled to enjoy full membership privileges for the current fiscal year and shall pay all standard dues, fees and food minimums associated with either a Social or Full/Golfing membership, as applicable. Upon expiration of the current fiscal year, if membership is continued the applicable initiation fee will be charged and billed. Please inquire in the Business Office for more detailed information.
A Voting Member shall pay the required initiation fee, purchase 10 shares of club stock, and pay the annual dues covering the use of all club facilities. A Voting Member also has an “Extended Family Privilege” which is available for any unmarried child age 23 through 27 whereby he or she will have full member privileges for an annual fee of $500 which will be billed to their parents’ account. (Should this child later decide to become a Junior Member, $100 of each annual fee that has been paid will be credited toward their initiation fee). A Legacy program is available to all fifteen year Voting Members which enables them to pass along his/her membership to any designated person. For specifics please contact the Business Office.
Class I Voting Members who were in good standing on November 1, 1978 have different terms and conditions of membership. Please contact the Business Office for details.

A Social Member shall pay an initiation fee and annual dues covering the use of the clubhouse and tennis courts. A Social Member, his or her spouse or significant other, and unmarried children under the age of 23 may also use the golf course facilities of the club subject to fees at the member’s
rate 4 times in a calendar year. This limitation shall not apply to Member Guest tournaments. Social Members may also use the Fitness Center subject to additional fees.
Existing Social Member Step-Up: A current Social Member in good standing shall have the one-time opportunity, for a period of one fiscal year, to step up to a Full Golfing membership to afford that member and his/her family the opportunity to evaluate whether he/she wishes to become a permanent Full Golfing Member. For specifics please contact the Business Office.

There are two types of Junior Memberships – Full and Social.
A Junior Full Member shall pay an initiation fee of $1,000. Children or grandchildren of three year Full Voting Members will have no additional initiation fee. For children whose parents are not Full Voting Members the remainder of the full Class I Voting Member initiation fee is payable on a prorated basis until the Junior Full member turns 41, at which time the Junior Full Member shall become a full Voting Member. Until the year in which they turn 41 (as of November 1), a Junior Full Member shall pay half the annual dues of a Class I Voting Member, covering the use of all club facilities.
A Junior Social Member signing up through the end of calendar year 2020 shall have their initiation waived, and shall pay $500 annual dues.This classification is subject to annual review in future years. Upon turning age 35 (as of November 1st) a Junior Social Member shall become a Class II Social Member upon paying the Class II Social Member initiation fee (with credit given for any initiation fees paid before the Junior Social Member turns 35). A Junior Social Membership includes the same club privileges and conditions as a Class II Social Membership.
To qualify for a Limited Membership, the applicant must be the lessee of a house in Sullivan County, or staying as a guest at the home of a member, or staying as a guest of an Inn in Eagles Mere,

Laporte Borough, or Shrewsbury Township. A Limited Member shall pay the applicable weekly or monthly dues as determined by the Board of Directors, covering the use of clubhouse and the tennis courts. A Limited Member, his or her spouse or significant other and unmarried children under the age of 23 may also use the golf course facilities of the club subject to fees at the unaccompanied guest fee rate. They may also use the Fitness Center subject to a weekly fee of $25. A Limited Membership shall not exceed 30 consecutive days and shall not be renewable.
A Business Membership entitles the Business to sponsor up to four employee members. The Business shall pay a single initiation fee and each sponsored employee member shall pay the annual dues at the Voting Member rate and shall be subject to the annual dining minimum. Each employee member and the member’s family (including children under the age of 23) shall have unlimited use of all club facilities.
A Seasonal Membership entitles a single member of a family only to unlimited use of the golf course, driving range, Clubhouse and grounds from the period beginning on Monday of Labor Day and extending through the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. An additional fee of $200.00 shall be required for those Seasonal Members who also wish to utilize the Fitness Center.
Unless playing as a guest of a Voting Member, a Seasonal Member shall be precluded from using the golf course or the driving range during the Club’s “In Season” from Memorial Day Saturday through Labor Day Sunday, including special events such as Stags, Member-Guest and Member-Member events.
Further, a Seasonal Member shall be limited in his/her use of the Clubhouse and its amenities during the Club’s “In Season” to three occasions—once each in June, July and August but otherwise excluding holidays, such as the July 4th Picnic.
Subject to the above restrictions, a Seasonal Member may invite guests for golfing and dining, per the Club’s standard rates, limitations, rules and regulations established for guest usage.
A Seasonal Member shall have NO VOTING privileges in any matters coming before the membership.

A Trial Membership includes two rounds of golf, two visits to the fitness center and unlimited use of the tennis courts and clubhouse from October 1st through May 31st. Unlimited use of the fitness center may be purchased for $100. This is a one-time membership.
II. Dues and Fees
Annual dues and fees for all classes of Membership are set by the Board of Directors. All dues and fees must be paid by April 1. Discounted Annual Dues are provided for members over 85 years of age on November 1st and who have been members for at least 25 years. Also, Single Members who have been a member for 15 consecutive years will receive a $200 discount on annual dues and a $200 discount on the annual food minimum.
III. By-Laws
Copies of the Club’s By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation are available for inspection on the Club’s website. All members are expected to abide by their provisions.
IV. Guest Privileges
General Purpose– The purpose of these guest privilege rules is to fairly allow our members to share their club with guests, while at the same time ensuring that regular users of the club should be or become members. All questions or issues concerning these guest privilege rules shall be addressed to the General Manager. The Board shall have the final authority to interpret these rules.
Golf Course Guests:
1. No person shall be entitled to use the golf course as a guest more than four days in any one calendar year except that a guest residing with a member can play up to seven consecutive days in a one week period. This limitation shall not apply to Member Guest tournaments.
2. Subject to the limits in #1 above, Voting, Business and Full Junior Members may have accompanied or unaccompanied golf guests. To arrange for an unaccompanied guest to use the golf course, the sponsoring member must notify the golf professional at least 24 hours in advance of the guest’s visit, preferably in writing and be responsible for any and all charges and fees incured by that guest.
3. Subject to the limits in #1 above, Social Members and Junior Social Members may have accompanied, but not unaccompanied, golf guests
4. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and all guest charges shall be billed to the Member’s account.
5. Members and their accompanied guests shall have preference over unaccompanied guests in the choice of starting times. The Golf Professional may limit starting times for unaccompanied guests in order to accommodate members and their accompanied guests.
Clubhouse, Dining Room, Beverage Service and Tennis Courts Guests:
1. No person shall be entitled to use the Clubhouse, Dining Room, Beverage Service or Tennis Courts as a guest, in any one calendar year:
• more than 7 days between the Memorial Day Weekend and Labor
Day Weekend inclusive; and
• more than 7 days between the day after the Labor Day Weekend
and the day before Memorial Day Weekend inclusive.
2. Only Voting, Business and Full Junior members may have unaccompanied guests use the Clubhouse, Dining Room, Beverage Service and Tennis Courts. To arrange for an unaccompanied guest to use the Clubhouse, Dining Room or Beverage Service, the sponsoring Voting, Business or Full Junior member must notify the Club at least 24 hours in advance of the guest’s visit, preferably in writing. To arrange for an unaccompanied guest to use the Tennis Courts, the sponsoring Voting, Business or Full Junior member must notify the golf professional at least 24 hours in advance of the guest’s visit, preferably in writing.
3. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and all guest charges shall be billed to the Member’s account.
V. Golf – Steve Ryan, Committee Chair
Eagles Mere Country Club’s 18 hole course is a William Flynn design, which welcomes members and their guests with a challenging track, filled with beautiful views, elevation changes and forest lined fairways. Many EMCC members are seasonal visitors, and the period from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend is considered “in season”. This should not be confused with active and inactive seasons as defined by USGA rulings. EMCC active season begins the first Saturday in April and ends the last Sunday in October.
Course rules: Play is governed by USGA rules plus occasional local rules that appear on the score card or are posted in the Golf Shop area. Hard, metal spikes are prohibited. Please place bunker rakes outside bunkers, parallel to the fairway; White stakes mark out of bounds (OB). Balls in the flower bed area behind #1 hole are to be played from the designated drop area, with no penalty. The stone wall on #2 hole is OB. Balls hit through or over the fence on #3 hole are OB. Staked or white wrapped trees that interfere with a swing allow a free drop with no penalty according to USGA rules.
Cell Phone Use Policy: Golfers are restricted from using VOICE FUNCTIONS on their mobile devices during EMCC MAJOR tournament play with the exception of medical emergencies. These events include the Stroke Play Championships, the Match Play Championships, the Senior Championships, the W.O. Albertini President’s Cup and the Better Ball Championships. Golfers may use mobile devices for golf applications and for texting, provided these actions are not disruptive to others on the course. Golfers may ONLY utilize mobile devices for brief, imperitave phone calls (during non-major tournaments) at the Halfway House/Rest Rooms. Such calls may not delay play any longer than a normal time a stop at those Club facilities would take.
Safety: The golf course is armed with an electrical storm warning system, which operates only when the Golf Shop is open. When the horn sounds, stop play immediately and seek shelter. Obey cart movement posted signage. The hilly terrain is especially dangerous under wet conditions.
Arrival and Bag Drop: Upon arrival at EMCC, Members and Guests are encouraged to use the designated Bag Drop area. When a Golf Professional Staff member is present, a player’s bag will be collected and taken to the Golf Shop for staging. If a Golf Shop staff member is not present, a player should leave their bag on the Bag Rack and a staff member will retrieve the bag and bring it to the Golf Shop. EMCC has Men’s and Ladies’ Locker Rooms and all players are encouraged to use these Locker Rooms to change their shoes rather than in the parking lot.
Practice Range: The Range is open during in-season months from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm daily except for maintenance purposes when the Range closes at 4:30 pm on Tuesday and opens 9:00 am Wednesday. During severe weather conditions the Practice Range may be marked closed.
Golf Course Dress Code, including the practice areas:
* All men’s golf shirts must have a collar or mock collar and be tucked in at all times. Only proper golf pants or shorts are allowed.
* Ladies’ golf shirts without collars must have sleeves. Tank or halter tops are not permitted. Golf shorts, skirts and skorts are permitted.
* Denim, t-shirts, cut-offs, tank tops, cargo pants or shorts, athletic shorts, and swimwear are not permitted on the golf course, driving range or putting green.
* Wind or rain pants are permitted. Sweat pants are not permitted.
* Hats must be worn facing forward.
* Soft spikes are mandatory.
Player rules: All players must register with the Golf Shop before playing unless the Golf Shop has not yet opened. Those players are to report upon completion of the round. Each player must have their own set of golf clubs and golf bag. Scores must be posted to GHIN to establish handicaps acceptable for club competition. When shot-gun starts are designated, players must adhere to starting times and must be assigned a starting hole by the Golf Shop. All charge fees must be billed to a member account. All play begins on hole #1 unless otherwise designated by the Golf Shop. Nine hole players playing the “inside nine” are permitted to cut in alternately on hole #16 on weekdays, unless that weekday is a holiday or there is tournament play. Starting times are required and may be made two weeks in advance. Member guest groups are restricted to two starting times in succession during in-season play. A starting sheet is always posted in the Golf Shop and players must mark their names in the starting positions. When there is an open space on the starting sheet, any member may fill in their name and no other member has the right to remove it. Players wishing to cancel a tee time should advise the Golf Shop as early as possible to make room for other members. The Golf Shop may help to arrange tee groups if needed; however, the Golf

Shop is not responsible for player signups for competition events. It is each player’s responsibility to adhere to signup deadlines, which are necessary to conduct tournaments professionally.
Guest golfing: There are various offers available for guest play. Prices and rules are otherwise mentioned in this pamphlet and can be defined by the Golf Shop. Contact the Golf Shop for any possible exceptions.
Pace of Play: Four hour rounds are our goal. The Golf Shop and golf committee will be monitoring pace of play, as directed by the board of directors. Pace of Play tips and information are posted at the Golf Shop.
Junior Players: Junior play is highly encouraged and the Golf Shop may assign starting times as available, with limited restrictions on junior qualifications. The Golf Shop will control junior play.
Contact: Comments by members or guests about any aspect of the golfing program at EMCC can be submitted in writing to the Golf Chair and any board member, for prompt response.
Violations: Violators of rules and etiquette will be contacted and steps will be taken to correct the violations. Continued violations may result in suspension or revocation of membership with loss of all fees paid.
VI. Golf Carts
Golf carts are available at the Golf Shop at published rates.
Any player using a golf cart should respect the Golf Course and use the designated cart paths as much as possible. When the Golf Professional staff notifies players of excessive wet conditions, golf carts MUST be driven only on cart paths to preserve the condition of the Golf Course.
Golf Cart Rules: Golf cart operation is limited to persons 16 years of age or older. Children 6 or older, accompanied by an adult member playing golf, are permitted on golf carts as a rider only. Children under 6 are not permitted on golf carts. Only two persons are permitted to ride on a golf cart. Golf carts must be driven on paths where indicated. Please obey all cart directional signs. Golf carts must not be driven any closer to greens than indicated by the white “golf cart” posts. Carts MUST be returned to the designated cart paths as they approach “white posts” on each side of the fairway approximately 30 yards in front of the greens and the top of the hill on the 6th fairway. Please do not drive golf carts in the woods or heavy rough. Please deposit trash in appropriate receptacles to keep our Course beautiful. Please return golf carts to area designated by the sign at Golf Shop. Carts returned after hours of Golf Shop operation should be placed in the parking area at the entrance to the cart storage area. All carts must be returned by 8:00 p.m. or dusk, whichever occurs earlier. Persons operating or occupying a cart with a blue flag are responsible for the safe and careful operation of the cart. In no event should a cart be operated within 20 feet of a green. Players wishing to utilize blue flags must request these privileges to the Golf Committee Chair each year in writing.

VII. Fitness and Recreation – Laura Besecker, Committee Chair
The Club’s Tennis/Pickleball Courts are for the exclusive use of members and their guests. All players must sign in on the sign in sheet outside of the office before playing. Court times may be reserved up to two weeks in advance. Rules for Court use are available at the Golf Shop. Fees for guests are listed in the annual fee schedule.
The Fitness Center is for the exclusive use of Voting Members and other members who elect to add an additional Fitness Center membership. The dues structure is listed in the annual fee schedule. Anyone using the Fitness Center must sign a Liability Waiver prior to entering the facility. Waivers may be obtained by contacting the Business Office. The rules are posted on the bulletin board in the Fitness Center.

VIII. Clubhouse – Katrina Wilkins, Committee Chair
The Clubhouse offers all the amenities associated with a private country club and facilities are restricted to members and their guests. The Clubhouse is also available for private group dining, parties, and weddings. Please contact the Clubhouse Manager for availability.
Dining and bar services are available in the Cubhouse daily in July and August, and on Saturday evenings throughout the year. Buffets, a la carte, casual dining, and special event menus are featured throughout the year. Please refer to monthly calendars for dining and bar schedules and special events during the spring, winter and fall.
Reservations are requested for all dinners and special events. Please specify the time you wish to be seated in the dining room. Allow sufficient time to greet friends and to enjoy a cocktail in the bar and grill room. This will help assure that you have prompt, efficient service.
Minimum Clubhouse expenditures are required as set forth under the schedule of dues and fees. The dining minimum will apply to food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases in the Clubhouse and the Halfway House.
Clubhouse dress code: While informality is the keynote for golfing activities, resort casual is the appropriate dress for most evening activities in the Clubhouse.
* Cut-offs, tee-shirts and halter tops are not acceptable on the course or in the Clubhouse at any time. Denim blue jeans are not acceptable on the course, but tasteful denim that is not overly worn, baggy or torn is permitted in the Clubhouse.
*Men are requested to remove all caps and visors in the clubhouse.
*From Memorial Day Weekend until the end of Labor Day Weekend, sport jackets are required for men ages 21 and older in the dining room on Saturdays after 6pm.
*Appropriate golf attire is acceptable on Saturdays after 6pm in the grill room, rotunda, and porch areas only.
Clubhouse cell phone policy: no cell phone usage (calls) in the Clubhouse and all phones should be silenced. In addition, we recognize the growing need and trend to use phones, tablets and other devices where Wi-Fi is available. Since the Clubhouse is Wi-Fi friendly, we ask that you use the rotunda, grill room, balcony and porches for Wi-Fi use. Please no Wi-Fi or other device usage in the dining room. This is a courtesy to fellow diners and our staff.
Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse including the porch. Smoking is permitted in the designated area located out the side door near the Tennis/Pickleball Courts and the firepit area.
The Halfway House is a courtesy amenity and its hours of operation are dependent on golf traffic and weather.
We warmly welcome family and friends of all ages, but ask that children not be left unattended and are supervised at all times. We also ask that children not be seated at the bar after 6:00 pm.

IX. Alcoholic Beverages
Alcoholic beverages may only be purchased from the bar, Golf Shop or at the Halfway House by members or guests of members.

X. Telephone Directory (570)
Clubhouse (Reservations) 525-3475 ext.2, Toll free(866) 525-3242
Golf Professional 525-3475 ext.1
Green Superintendent 525-3475 ext.4
Dining Room Manager 525-3475 ext.2
Business Office 525-3475 ext.3
Fax: 570-209-5804

Members will receive a monthly calendar of events prior to the beginning of each month the club is in operation. The monthly calendars will detail the upcoming athletic and social events. Copies of the calendars are also available at the Business Office, Clubhouse and Pro Shop or at